Harmonious Solutions Pty Ltd provides guidance and tailored practical tools and solutions to businesses and individuals ready to embrace change and move forward in their desired direction/s.  

This is achieved through discussion and facilitation, focused strategic planning, tailored training, and/or one on one coaching.

Our specialty is on defining and maintaining an optimal state of balance, or balance “set point”, which will assist the organisation and its people to reach greater levels of resiliency, accountability, and adaptability; critical in times of change and transition.  Achieving balance within four key quadrants will promote performance, efficiency, and engagement.  Without an optimal state of balance, things can quickly fall apart.  Contact us for more information about the Balance Set Point Process
We emphasize the importance of maintaining the right dialog and mindset to support the desired end result.  All of our programs promote radical responsibility by using conscious as cause theory and the assumption that our thinking shapes our current reality.


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Operating since 1998, Harmonious Solutions has assisted thousands of individuals and organisations move through transition and embrace a better way of being.
Let us help you to create and embrace a forward vision and a better future by recognizing the importance of an optimal balance set point strategy.

For organisations this can translate as:
  • Greater resilience to change and through transition
  • Ability to adapt in a changing market
  • Ability to move forward with purpose and conviction
  • Ability to reflect inwardly with openness and honestly
  • Deeper purpose and better planning
  • Rising levels of engagement
  • Heightened performance and efficiency

For individuals this can mean:
  • Greater resilience to stress and change
  • A lessening of unproductive emotion/s
  • Greater efficiency and accountability
  • Time to reflect and define wants and desires
  • Time to do the things that are important
  • A better quality of life
  • Heightened levels of well-being