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" I consider myself to be a balance catalyst. I help individuals and organisations to define and achieve a balance “set point” or a place where they can maintain a more stable way of operating.  This will in turn offer greater resiliency, adaptability, efficiency and engagement.  For individuals, a balanced life brings heightened well-being.  For organisations, balance keeps them competitive in changing times.  Without balance, things become unstable and can fall apart.  A balanced state will spill into performance and achieving the things that are important, rather than spending time on the things that keep us busy and perpetually distracted.

I achieve this by identifying the desired outcome/s and holding a space of expansion, which promotes a stretch towards a new way of thinking and operating. The process is supported by a series of assessments and adjustments and clients are assisted in co-creating their circumstances by supported vision quests (individual or team), creation of clear intentions, facilitated strategies, and the use of innovative tools and techniques.”

Allison Summers holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management (USA), a Graduate Bachelor of Education (Australia), and is a graduate of Coach University. She has over 10 years of experience in the United States and another 15 plus years in the Australian business sector.

While Allison hails from a conservative Southern California upbringing, she has been exposed to many different philosophies and runs her life by several core principles:
1. That everything happens for a reason (even if we cannot see it at the time)
2. That what we focus on will affect our reality
3. That balance affords us stability in times of continual change
4. That it is our responsibility to look after ourselves and self care is a responsible (not a selfish) choice

Areas of specialization:
Balance (in 4 key quadrants)
End to end customized training


Executive coaching
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