Allison 3"Genuine, innovative, driven, compassionate, inspiring, balanced"

My philosophy:
To me we are all in school for the length of our life ... earth school.

Therefore we are all in process learning a series of different lessons and, once we complete one, we naturally move on to the next. This means it is invaluable to spend some time in our busy lives to reflect. How are we feeling? What are we focused on? What is working? Not working? What needs to change? It also requires time to determine what we want to create and to practice acceptance when we do not get it fast enough (or there is still more to learn first). It means we take the time to stop and celebrate our successes and look forward to our growth, opportunities, and challenges, as they offer us chances to step out of our comfort zones and move forward. For me personally, change has walked alongside of me throughout my life and I have learned to partner with trust amongst flux and unpredictability. I call this surfing the "zone of transition". When we can get to a state of semi-comfort in this place we are much more readily able to reach our goals and targets easily and with minimal or no stress. This is true for organisations and individuals alike.

Some days this action comes easily while others are more challenging ... I am always willing to share my experiences with others to help guide them on their own journey. The biggest tool I have found to thriving in the "zone" is to be balanced, to have a vision and concrete goals, a sense of trust in the bigger picture, and a community of support. This means we need to remember to turn our focus inwards regularly and take better care of ourselves in addition to turning our focus outwards to the things that need our attention. When we are inwardly balanced and content we can focus and our outer world will reflect the same.

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“Desire… Believe… Expect”

Allison’s areas of specialty include:
• Establishing a balance set point between the 4 core quadrants
• Balance strategies
• Authentic communication
• Conscious creation though mindset and practice
• Self care strategies to support transition
• Rediscovering life’s passion and living a purposeful life