Personalities and behavior affect all organisations as each person has a unique set of patterns or behavioral preferences which indicate how they will respond in certain circumstances. Psychometric "testing" and Behavioral Analysis can be used to gather information about a person's inherently preferred behaviors and assist in the following areas:


• Internal/External Recruitment

• Career Management

• Organisation restructuring/planning

• Training Needs Analysis

• Team Building

• Conflict Resolution

• Management Development

• Benchmarking

• Appraisals

• Performance Management


Behavioral Assessments used by Harmonious Solutions are based on the Marston's Profile Analysis Theory (D.I.S.C.) They are designed to help us gather information about an individual's inherently preferred behaviors, how they may be altering their behavior in the workplace, how they inherently behave in pressure situations, and possible current stress levels. We can then use this information to further develop the individuals, in training needs analysis, to structure team development, improve workplace communication or between certain individuals, reduce conflict, conduct performance reviews, career planning, and so on.