When the next step appears too big from your current perspective ...

Why choose a coach? A coach assists an individual, a group, or an organisation reach a goal or a potential they have not yet tapped into.  This can be a skill needed in the workplace, a change in behavior chosen to improve well-being, or an action plan to achieve a desired goal.  A good coach holds a space of expansion for the client in many ways…  Clarifying the intention, providing honest feedback and encouragement, offering tools and timely reminders, intriguing questions to ponder, and gentle or not so gentle prompting for forward movement.  
The individual or group set the agenda and this can take a variety of forms ... For some it may be specific skills based training (e.g. Time management issues or communication problems), for others it may be tapping back into a sense of purpose or passion in their lives. Whatever the reasons for choosing a personal coach or mentor, you will participate in setting the program and pace.

The coach may offer advise or suggestions, but focuses primarily on co-creation to bring out your best and promote a sense of empowerment and achievement.  

Allison Summers and her team of qualified coaches each bring a unique style to their coaching.


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