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Personal Coaching … Is it for you? 

"Let me hold that place of expansion for you"

Coaching works when the following two key factors are present – 

1. The client is willing to grow and change and is willing to take action
2. There is a perceived gap between where they are now and where they wish to be

There are many reasons why people seek a qualified coach … some of these reasons are listed below:  

  • You are unhappy with your present circumstances and ready to make a change
  • You have reached a point where you have achieved all that you set out to and yet still feel something is missing
  • You are stressed, burnt out, flat, or bored
  • You desire more work/life/home balance
  • You are about to embark on a new adventure and not sure where to start
  • You are looking to develop better skills
  • You have lost your momentum, drive, or energy/passion for your life
  • You have lost a relationship or your job and looking for a way forward
  • You are at a crossroads and not sure what to do or where to begin


THE ROLE OF THE COACH: The coach is there to help you achieve will expect no less from you. The coach will believe in you and encourage you to take action, set and achieve goals, believe in yourself, and reach for your real potential. Your coach will help with your clarity and commitment, provide some structure and tools to achieve lasting results, and support to achieve it all.
The coach is not there to give you the answers or take action for you.

Each week or fortnight you will spend 45 - 60 minutes with your coach either on the phone, Skype, or in person. During that time you will be working towards a goal/s that you set together. In the interim between appointments you will have access to your coach through email or the phone and your coach may contact you occasionally to “check in” and see how you are doing.

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